Tert-Butyl Hydroperoxide

Tert-Butyl Hydroperoxide is a colorless or light yellow transparent liquid with a specific gravity of 0.896, a melting point of -8 ° C, a boiling point of 35 ° C (20 mmHg), a refractive index of 1.4007, a solubility of 12% in water, soluble in a dilute alkali solution, It is mixed with organic solvents such as alcohol and ether; it is stable below 75 °C, loses oxygen at 95 °C-100 °C, decomposes above 250 °C and causes explosion. This product is flammable.

Technical Data Sheet

Description of details:

TBHP, CAS#75-91-2, liquid

Colorless or light yellow transparent liquid, specific gravity 0.896, melting point -8 ° C, boiling point 35 ° C (20 mmHg), refractive index 1.4007; solubility in water is 12%, soluble in dilute alkali solution, can be used in alcohol, ether and other organic solvents Phase mixing; stable below 75 ° C, loses oxygen at 95 ° C -100 ° C, decomposes above 250 ° C and causes explosion, this product is flammable.

Technical Parameters:

Technical parameters Technical data

Appearance Colorless or light yellow transparent liquid
Net content% min70.0
Chromaticity, Pt-Co max40
Moisture% max12.0
Other oxide % max1.0
Other organic matter% max0.4
Melting point °C -8
Boiling point °C 35

Application field

TBHP-70 is a volatile, slightly yellow transparent liquid and is an alkyl hydrogen organic peroxide. It is used as an initiator for polymerization (such as polyvinyl chloride, polyacrylic acid emulsion polymerization monomer elimination, etc.); it is also widely used as a raw material for synthesizing other organic peroxides.

Project Description

Packing 20/25/170 kg plastic drums, or user-specified packaging. This product is a primary organic oxide and is prohibited from being mixed with other substances.
Store at 30 ° C or less in a cool, ventilated place.
Certified Chemical Agency Australia - AICS
Canada - DSL
China - IECSC
Japan - ENCS
New Zealand - NZIoC
Korea - ECL
Philippines - PICCS