about us

Taizhou Zhongteng Chemical Materials Co., Ltd. is a factory specializing in the production of 5.2 peroxide products(such as benzoyl peroxide). The company is located at No. 82, Xingtai Road, Hailing District, Taizhou City, with a total area of ​​nearly 15,000 square meters. On the coast of Xintongyang Canal, the company is about 3km away from the exit of Qiyang Expressway, about 7km away from the exit of Taizhen Expressway, and south of Ningtong Expressway. It has a superior geographical position and convenient transportation.

Taizhou Zhongteng Chemical Materials Co., Ltd. has more than 20 years of experience in organic peroxide production and management. It is a technician engaged in the research, development, production and management of organic peroxides in the Taizhou Organic Chemical Plant in the 1980s. In the past 20 years, the production management level has a high reputation in the organic peroxide industry.

The company mainly produces organic peroxide products, with an annual output of 7,000 tons of peroxy (b) benzoyl, 500 tons of 2,4-dichlorobenzoyl peroxide, 1000 tons of t-butyl hydroperoxide, 800 tons of 2, 5-Dimethyl-2,5-bis(tert-butylperoxy)hexane, 3000 tons of di-tert-butyl peroxide, 5,000 tons of tert-butyl peroxybenzoate. The product quality is stable and the production process is advanced.

Taizhou Zhongteng Chemical Materials Co., Ltd. integrates scientific research, development, production and sales services. The company has strong technical force, advanced production testing equipment, scientific management methods, stable and reliable product quality, perfect after-sales service system. The products are sold well in various provinces and cities in China, and exported to Southeast Asia, Australia, South America, Europe and other countries and are trusted and praised by customers.